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Professional horse trainer Kerri DeKubber provides show horse training in Custer, Washington. She has produced many all around champions, western pleasure futurity champions, lungeliners and more at the highest level of competition.

2766 Birch Bay Lynden Road

Custer, Washington, 98240


Phone: 1-360-927-1991

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Kerri DeKubber Show Horses

Kerri DeKubber Show Horses operates out of New Song Stables located in Custer, Washington. Focusing on the AQHA, APHA, and ApHC breeds, Kerri specializes in western and english events. As a professional horse trainer, Kerri promotes an encouraging, learning environment. From Western Pleasure, Lungeline to Trail Horse and All Around Champions, Kerri's expert guidance, training & coaching have made her business a success.

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From Training Futurity Horses to All Around Horses

  • Training the All Around Horse


    A great all around show horse takes years to make.  I have always believed that western pleasure or hunter under saddle is the base to every great all around horse.  You want a horse with natural self carriage, willingness to please, and a good work ethic.  

    To show all around requires a horse with strength, stamina, and a mind that can handle stress and long days.  We as riders demand a lot out of our horse so it is very important that they are trained at home how we want them to perform at a horse show, and to be fit and ready for a rigorous day.  

    I always encourage my clients to come out and ride so they get to know their all around horse as much as possible.  The homework is to be done at home so when we go to shows there is execution and success!

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  • Futurity Horses


    When preparing my futurity horses I believe each horse is an individual and you can't pin point when they will be ready to show, whether a longe liner, a two year old western pleasure horse or hunter under saddle horse.  

    I am still one of those trainers that enjoys starting the two's myself.  I usually want my coming two's in the barn by November unless they are immature or late babies.  My approach is slow and consistent.  The horse will always communicate what they are ready to do and how they are ready to advance.  

    I do like to keep in mind longevity is number one priority.  Not every horse is a futurity prospect and it takes us professional horse trainers to recognize that and work for realistic goals with our clients.  

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AQHA Western Pleasure to All Around Horses For Sale
Kerri DeKubber Show Horses has the following AQHA show horses for sale. We invite you to contact us anytime to discuss the horse you are interested in.